• About us

The Regional Office is currently located in Guatemala City, Guatemala. We are part of the Church of the Nazarene, which is known to be a Global Holiness movement that is present in 162 countries; in 5 regions of the world, with 2.5 million members. The Global Office is in Lenexa, Kansas City, USA. God continues to call his people in the Mesoamerica Region to help others to be Transformed.

We are fully committed to the MISSION of carrying out THE KINGDOM OF GOD preserving and spreading the gospel of HOLINESS to all the countries of our region.

For this reason, we focus on reaching children with a redemptive message, Young people with the forgiveness of JESUS ??CHRIST, arriving in the cities with a message that influences lives in the midst of the context in which they live.

That is our purpose, that everyone, everywhere, finds CHRIST, that is why we use the strategy of JESUS ??FILM, we know that it is a dynamic way to listen and see better the history of our Savior, which drives us to take the film focused on CHRIST to the ends of the earth.

Regional Evangelism Coordinator, Dr. Milton Gay.


Project Transformed

The goal of the Mesoamerica Region (MESO) is to see people transformed by the power of God. The goal of the MESO Region is to become more aggressive to help people be transformed into the power of God. This occurs at the beginning (Genesis) when new people meet God and mature in Christ. Then, there is a continuing commitment to help people experience and deepen their relationship with God.  

In this process, it is necessary to help people share their faith through evangelism and have continuous discipleship options. The Transformed project includes these two elements: a database provided through the website to download information, and an application that provides simple access to information on evangelism and discipleship options.